About me

Sophie Pollard is a nature inspired artist specialising in beautifully drawn illustrations. She creates delightfully charming greeting cards for any occasion, igniting warmth and loving moments. 

She has a drive for an eco-friendly future with sustainably sourced paper and plastic free packaging.

Wonderfully designed and printed in the UK.


Eclectic Gift Shop - Bristol -  www.eclecticgiftshop.co.uk

Casper Bristol - Bristol -  www.casperbristol.com

Hazel Holly Florist -Bristol -  www.hazelholly.co.uk

Alchemy - Surrey -  www.alchemy-online.co.uk

The Lightbox Woking - Surrey - www.thelightbox.org.uk

Eleanor's Byre - Alnwick - www.eleanorsbyre.co.uk 

Wilde Cherry - Surrey -  www.wildecherry.co.uk

Garden Inn - Stockbridge -garden-inn.co.uk

4 You From Me - Devon - www.4youfromme.co.uk

Deen City Farm - London - www.deencityfarm.co.uk

Three Bees - Tunbridge Wells - www.three-bees.co.uk

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